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by innovation with technology to accelerate growth for businesses for governments

We are the next generation of leaders, globally ready to cause the next disruption in combining digital technology with industrial engineering.

How we work

Integrated Business Solutions

J|S Brod hardware, software and services work together to deliver a seamless experience that eases any work impeccably. You can start a digital project with J|S Brod and finish with a wholesome solution integrated with your business.

Our engineering and digital teams work seamlessly, always getting the job done, at a mark above any of the rest.

What We Do


We Love Building Great Things

J|S Brod is shaping the future of business. You can change the way you work with augmented reality, monitor industrial equipment with machine learning or simplify routines automation.

Transform how you get things done. J|S Brod solves issues for business and governments with powerful technology that brings out the best in every industry. Discover how our software and engineering prowess transforms daily tasks, better customer experiences and efficient operations.

Smart Office Spaces

The modern workplace is evolving and the days of cubicles and private closed-door offices have been replaced by a variety of different office setups. Flexibility is a key concept.

Some of the cornerstones of agile and smart working is hot-desking, smart room booking, indoor navigation, and utilization analysis.

The smart office concept requires software tools that make it easy to find, book and navigate to available meeting rooms and desks. It will also help you understand utilization rates and free up meeting rooms and desks that are not being used.

Innovative Engineering


Simple yet highly efficient and forward-thinking strategies deployed.


Experience in challenging the status quo, pushing the boundaries of technology and knowledge.


Creative design process and precise engineering at play.

Quick Launch

Rapid prototyping to fast deployment – it is always a race that we win.

Excellent Support

We provide top-notch support for all our clients, round the clock services and immediate assistance both on-site and remotely.

Fully Reliable

Our clients have a wholesome trustworthy relationship with us, we deliver the best results, on time and at an affordable charge.

Highly Secure

All our applications conform to the highest security standards, data-protection and privacy are of utmost importance.

Trusted by the best organizations.

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