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Diversity and Inclusion

J|S Brod recognises that to produce work of high quality, to maintain our reputation for innovation and creativity and to understand and delight our clients we need to fully embrace the skills, talents and knowledge that only a diverse workforce can deliver.

Code of Practice

As a global organisation, we recognise and respect each others’ differences and strive to build a working environment where our different values and perspectives are actively harnessed to create the best solutions for our equally diverse client base.

We will work to ensure that everyone feels their contribution is valued and their successes are celebrated through our processes and through our training and development.

The diversity and inclusiveness of our workforce is supported by our ethics on sustainability and human rights.

Our employment and recruitment practices will adhere to, and strive to exceed, local legislation wherever we work in the world.

J|S Brod’s principles of diversity and inclusion extend to our clients, our suppliers and all those with whom we choose to work.

Policies in Place

1. Ethics Policy
2. Health and Safety Policy
3. Quality Policy
4. Sustainability and Environmental Policy