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Although society has become drastically convenient with digital technology, there are increased risks such as impersonation. This is why biometric authentication technology has become critical.
J|S Brod has started the R&D of biometrics authentication technologies such as fingerprint recognition, palmprint recognition and face recognition.


J|S Brod's algorithms work at incredibly fast speeds, enabling instant search for matches in vast databases - merely milliseconds.


Our algorithms perform with the highest precision, and proven to accurately identify and authenticate users immediately.


J|S Brod's biometrics systems are developed to be trustworthy in any type of conditions, providing negligible interference.

Biometric Authentication Technologies

J|S Brod provides for biometric authentication technologies in five areas – recommending the most suitable solutions to customers’ needs based on the authentication process. In addition, by combining multiple biometric authentication systems, J|S Brod is able to bring about even more robust security through multi-factor authentication (MFA).


Facial Recognition

Iris Recognition


Fingerprint Recognition

palm vein

Palm Vein Recognition


Voice Recognition