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Imaging & Sensing Services

Technology with a Human Touch

Whatever new technology brings, people remain in flesh and blood. J|S Brod’s expertise lies in the interconnection of these two very diverse ends. Our team enables technology to be harnessed simply in day-to-day lives. 

Our solutions and products enable embrace seamlessly the usage of biometrics and interactive audio-visuals in hardware devices.


Nothing to Remember, Nothing to Steal – You are the Key.

By leveraging a unique combination of multi-modal biometrics, machine learning and AI J|S Brod provides multichannel biometric authentication capabilities across platforms and devices with built-in privacy protection and multi-factor security.

AV & Media

Opportunities emerge where communication, audio visual and information technologies meet. We turn opportunity into business advantage. 

Providing your teams with the tools they require in order to communicate and present effectively is essential to every organization. J|S Brod specialises in Smart Offices – ranging from Smart Meeting Rooms to Smart Buildings equipment and applications.